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Beautiful birds for sale in Lincoln

To get a pet bird, come to Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd. Our staff can give you some great tips and advice to make your selection easier. 

Birds and accessories for bird care at competitive prices

If you are thinking of getting a bird as a pet then Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd has the one for you. We stock a range of budgies, canaries and parrots along with suitable cages.
We can also supply you with everything you need to keep your new pet bird fit and healthy such as bird treats, medication, sand sheets and much more. Aviary seed can be bought in our shop for just £18.99 for 20kg. All other bird seeds can be bought in smaller quantities if required. 

We also stock a range of pet food and accessories for cats, dogs, other small pet animals and wild birds.
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A choice of birds available:

  • Budgies
  • Canaries
  • Parrots
  • And much more
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Accessories for your pet bird:

  • Bird cages
  • Birdseed
  • Medication
  • Bird treats

“Rover’s staff are the best shop staff by far friendly knowledgeable and so, so helpful. They are all a great laugh too”

-Debbie Dm
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Budgies, canaries and quality bird cages for sale at Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd, Lincoln. Call us on
01522 560 696
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