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Find the perfect small pet at our shop in Lincoln

At Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd, you can find a wide range of small pet animals and supplies to take care of your pets. Contact us today for more details.

Reliable pet store for small pet supplies

If you are looking for a new family pet, come to Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd in Lincoln. We have a huge range of small animals to choose from including guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rabbits. You will leave our shop with everything you need to care for your new pet along with some great advice and tips from our friendly, helpful, staff.
You can buy all types of small animal cages, enclosures and hutches from us and you can find the right bedding to make sure your new pet is comfortable.
If you are worried about who will look after your new pet while you go on holiday, worry no more. Here at Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd, we offer a boarding service for birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice.
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All you need for your new pet:

  • Small animal cages and enclosures
  • Animal hutches and runs (indoor and outdoor)
  • Medication and disinfectants
  • Pet bedding (hay, wood shavings and straw)
  • Treats, toys and a wide range of food

Local pet store in Lincoln

Feel free to contact our staff today with your query. We are always happy to help and offer our expert advice regarding your pet. At our store, we have a range of food, bedding and other accessories for your dogs, cats, birds and other pets. Visit us or talk to our team for details.

“Just bought two bunnies for our school and they are adorable. The staff was really friendly and helpful, lots of great advice! Fantastic service! Thank you for much for the beautiful bunnies, our class will be very excited to meet them”

- Louise and Emily
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If you are looking for small animal cages and other accessories, visit or call Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd, Lincoln on
01522 560 696
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